Greater Deals in the Watching the Right Movies

Thus are the conditions of movement and struggle different: in the dawning child arouse his spirit, in the boy at the first full possession of the use and dominion of reason; in the young during the years of development, when great storms alternate with marvellous clearings; in mature man, often absorbed totally by the struggle for life, with the inevitable shocks; in the old man, who turns back to look back at the past between regrets, nostalgia and repentance, he raises questions and considers events, as only those who have much navigated can do. As you watch movies online through 123movies you will be able to find new movies to watch every day

The Ideal Film

The ideal film must show the viewer that it knows all these things, understands and correctly evaluates; but he must show it to the child as appropriate to the child, to the young man in a language suited to him, to the mature man as to him, that is, assimilating his own way of knowing and looking at things.

But understanding of man in general is not enough when the film is aimed at a particular profession or condition; there is also a need for a specific understanding of particular characters in the different social states. The film must communicate to those who see and hear the sense of reality, but of a reality seen through the eyes of those who know more than him, and treated with the will of those who fraternally place themselves near the spectator to be able to, if it is the case, help and comfort.

  • With this spirit, the reality reproduced by the film is presented in an artistic vision, since it is precisely the artist not to mechanically reproduce the real, nor subject himself to the technical possibilities of the instruments, but using them to elevate and dominate the material, without altering it. Nor remove it from reality. A sublime example can be seen in the enchanting parables of the Holy Scriptures, whose subjects are taken from the daily life and the professions of the listeners, with fidelity, we would say almost photographic, however dominated and elevated in such a way that reality and ideal are merged into perfect art form.

Respect and Understanding

Respect and understanding must be joined by the fulfilment of the promises and the satisfaction of the desires at the beginning, perhaps offered and aroused; indeed, in general, the millions of people who come to the cinema are driven by the vague hope of finding there the satisfaction of their secret and imprecise desires, of their intimate aspirations; in the aridity of their life, they take refuge in the cinema like a magician, who can transform everything at the touch of his wand. In 123movies you will be able to have the perfect opportunities now.