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If accessibility is on the agenda in a web project, then the question often arises, which step should be the first step. Barrier-free web design is by no means trivial. The following tips are intended to help you get started in this topic. 

Which guidelines can I use?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 provides a comprehensive description of the requirements to be satisfied in 61 success criteria. The WCAG 2.0 is a recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium and was adopted in 2008. The guidelines also specify the rules of conformity – compliance with all the requirements of the Directive. 

In most countries, various regulations with heterogeneous criteria apply. The “Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance 2.0” (short: BITV 2.0), which is relevant for the federal administration, contains not only an excerpt from WCAG 2.0 but also further requirements for easy language and sign language. 

The orientation to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) allows a reliable achievement of conformity, not least because of the detailed documentation. Start there with the lowest compliance level. The use of a good digital agency in Dubai will help you become compliant.

Steve Tan: The ultimate guru of E-commerce

A web-based business site is an extreme method to develop your business on the online stage. It is a demonstrated hit equation for progress. Be that as it may, it’s anything but a simple occupation to concoct a decent online business site. It requires a specific level of expertise and diligent work to dispatch and keep up an internet business site. To make this troublesome activity simple, there is extreme e-com framework, an online paid course designed by Steve Tan and his brother, the course includes each and everything identified with the internet business site. Steve tan E-commerce course is the one course that every e-com start-up or the beginner should definitely take it. 

The legend of Steve Tan

Steve tan was born and brought up in Singapore; he has seen many ups and downs in his business life. He dropped out of college to start his own e-com, company. He learned about e-commerce through e-books and blogging. In 2007 he started his own e-com store, and soon his e-cm business became a huge hit, but after initial success, the business a huge loss. After that, he tried many e-com businesses all become a hit and soon failed. After all the failures he started his new venture with his brother. After that, Steve Tan e-commerce took a new turn and it only went uphill from there. Both the tan brothers then started sharing all their e-com experience through various platforms, such as blogging and speaking at the public event. Soon, they came up with the e-com course for every beginner known as the ultimate e-com system, an online paid course. The course since its release has been a great hit.